NRJ Radio sentenced to a high fine for illegal competition 

The Economic Court in Paris imposed on the NRJ Radio the obligation to pay one million euro in damages to Skyrock for presenting events constituting competition for the radio’s partner as  “NRJ concerts”.


The reason behind this was the fact that in March and April 2012 NRJ broadcasted more than one hundred spots from concerts of Rihanna, Sean Paul, Nicky Minaj, LMFAO, David Guetty, Black Eyed Peas and Lady Gaga as “NRJ concerts”, while the exclusive partner of three concerts (Rihanna, Sean Paul and Nicky Minaj) was Skyrock.


The Court found that the broadcasts of NRJ had misled the recipients, and the radio “committed an act of unfair competition”.


Therefore, the Court awarded against NRJ to Skyrock damages of one million euro for financial losses and 30,000 euro as a refund of the court costs.


The Court made the decision immediately enforceable which means that the judgment is binding upon the service thereof.