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Welcome to the Unfair Competition and Compliance Law Portal!

Our portal is a joint project of law firms in Poland and Germany. Our goal is to familiarize business people, consumer and legal professionals with the primary issues that they may face in the areas of unfair competition and compliance in the German and Polish markets, as well as the European Union as a whole. Legal specialists from these major European countries have come together to provide you with comprehensive information that can help you in the conduct of your day-to-day business, as well as providing you with expert legal guide to help you with any problems that you may have, however big or small they may be.

Although competition is in and of itself a good, and even absolutely essential aspect of a free market economy, businesspersons and consumers must be aware of the laws both civil and criminal that protect them from unfair and illegal competition, and the recourse that they have to the courts and other legal bodies to protect their rights when necessary. We believe that it is crucial that businesspersons in today’s fast-changing and dynamic European market be able to both identify and head-off potential problems in the areas of unfair competition and compliance. It is of vital importance that they have professional and comprehensive legal information and advice to help them handle difficulties in these areas should the need arise.

Our portal provides you with diverse and thorough discussions of German, French, Polish and European Union Law in the areas of unfair competition and compliance, as well as the most relevant and pertinent cases that have been decided recently in the courts.

Although the world of international commerce can be complicated, and even at times confusing, our legal experts are ready to help you navigate through the new global economy with their extensive experience and expertise.

Please feel free to choose from either the English, Polish, or German language segments of our website.

We will be pleased with your interest in the unfair competition law and broadly defined issues of the compliance policy and invite you to draw on resources of the Unfair Competition & Compliance Portal (www.uclp.com.pl; www.uclp.eu; www.deutschsprachiger-anwalt-polen.de/ ).


RGW Rocławski Graczyk i Wspólnicy Adwokacka Spółka Jawna (Poland)

RGW Rocławski Graczyk i Wspólnicy, Adwokacka Spółka Jawna offer specialized legal aid to entrepreneurs, corporations and individuals.

RGW provides legal services primarily to companies and business entities, with a special emphasis on serving clients from German speaking countries. In order to better serve our German and German-speaking clients, our new permanent branch, the Law Office RGW Roclawski Rechtsanwälte is now open in Berlin.

Our office cooperates with lawyers, legal trainees and other consultants, all with extensive experience in their respective fields, specializing in large scale projects as well as the solution of our clients’ day-to day business problems. Our legal aid is always tailored to the individual needs of each corporation and individual businessperson, in order to maximize results for our clients.

RGW also specializes in advising clients in the fields of competition, environmental protection and transportation law.

RGW is committed to providing legal services that maintain the highest standards of diligence and legal expertise.

In order to provide effective and comprehensive legal aid, the RGW team cooperates with specialists in many different areas, including tax advisors, assessors and sworn translators. We also work closely with consultants in the areas of economics, finance and management, as well as foreign law offices, particularly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Our consultants have a good command of German and English, as well as Polish, thus enabling them to provide comprehensive legal aid in international projects for clients active within capital groups and holding companies, as well as to foreign investors working in various European countries.

RGW and Associates is an active member of many organizations that promote the development of private enterprise in Central And Eastern Europe. RGW is a proud member of the Consulegis International Network of Law Firms (an international consortium of English-speaking law firms) as well as the Polish-Swiss Chamber of Industry and Commerce, with its headquarters in Warsaw.


RGW Roclawski Rechtsanwälte (Germany)

RGW Roclawski Rechtsanwälte is a modern office providing specialized legal services to, among others, entrepreneurs operating in the German-Polish economic area. In addition, it represents its Clients before courts and administration bodies.

Within the framework of the legal aid provided by the Law Office RGW Roclawski Rechtsanwälte, a special focus is placed on matters involving commercial law, companies law, competition protection as well as transport and forwarding law. The Law Office is engaged in both large-scale projects and solving current problems of its Clients taking into account specific nature of a given line of business.

The Office closely cooperates with the Law Office RGW Rocławski Graczyk i Wspólnicy Spółka Jawna based in Warsaw who since as early as 2007 has been engaged in providing legal services to German-speaking clients in Poland. Thanks to this cooperation, the Office can offer to its Clients the best, comprehensive and professional solutions to the legal issues considered with specific reference to both German and Polish law.

In addition, the Office is cooperating with German and Polish lawyers and tax advisers having long-standing professional experience.

Associates of the Law Office RGW Roclawski Rechtsanwälte are fluent in German, Polish and English.

The Law Office RGW Roclawski Rechtsanwälte provides legal aid throughout the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany. The Office is situated in the very centre of Berlin.