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Archival  UCLP newsletters:

Adobe_PDF_file_icon_24x24 No 1. New regulations on consumer’s rights in the EU (Newsletter I/2014, nr 1)

Adobe_PDF_file_icon_24x24 No 2. Protection of know-how and trade  secrets (Newsletter II/2014, nr 2)

Adobe_PDF_file_icon_24x24 No 3.  The regulation Brussles I bis (Newsletter III/2014, nr  3)

Adobe_PDF_file_icon_24x24 No 4.  German Minimum  Pay Act And Foreign Employers (Newsletter I/2015, nr 4)

Adobe_PDF_file_icon_24x24 No 5/6.Abusive clauses in Swiss  francs credit agreements (Newsletter II/2015, nr 5/6)

Adobe_PDF_file_icon_24x24 No 7. Award for the best master thesis (Newsletter III/2015, nr 7)

Adobe_PDF_file_icon_24x24 No 8/9. New version of the UCLP (Newsletter IV/2015, nr 8/9)

Adobe_PDF_file_icon_24x24 No 10. Swiss francs credit agreements -sequel (Newsletter V/2015, nr 10)

Adobe_PDF_file_icon_24x24 No 11. Copyright – news and jurisprudence (Newsletter VI/2015, nr 11)

Adobe_PDF_file_icon_24x24 No 12. Jurisprudence on the unfair competition law (Newsletter VII/2015, nr 12)

Adobe_PDF_file_icon_24x24 No 13. News to the law for protection of the competition and consumers (Newsletter VIII/2015, nr 13)

Adobe_PDF_file_icon_24x24 No 14. Changes to the German unfair competition act (Newsletter IX/2015, nr 14)

Adobe_PDF_file_icon_24x24 No 15/16 Recent changes to the Polish law (Newsletter I-II/2016, nr 15/16)

Adobe_PDF_file_icon_24x24 No 17 New trademark law in the European Union (Newsletter III/2016, nr 17)

Adobe_PDF_file_icon_24x24 No 18 Uber vs unfair competition (Newsletter IV/2016, nr 18)

Adobe_PDF_file_icon_24x24 No 19. EU Regulation on protection of personal data (Newsletter V/2016, nr 19)

Adobe_PDF_file_icon_24x24 No 20. The clause preventing evasion of the tax law (Newsletter VI/2016, nr 20)

Adobe_PDF_file_icon_24x24 No 21.  Selection of case law and Swiss francs credits (Newsletter VII/2016, nr 21)

Adobe_PDF_file_icon_24x24 No 22. Changes in Polish pharmaceutical law (Newsletter VIII/2016, nr 22)

Adobe_PDF_file_icon_24x24 No 23. Comparative advertising and others – case law (Newsletter I/2017, nr 23)

Adobe_PDF_file_icon_24x24 Nr 24. Cases referring to the so-called slotting fees and the amendment of the Polish criminal law (Newsletter II/2017, nr 24)

Adobe_PDF_file_icon_24x24 Nr 25. Private enforcement in Polish law and the animation “Swiss franc credits” (Newsletter III/2017, nr 25)

Adobe_PDF_file_icon_24x24 Nr 26. European jurisprudence concerning copyright and designation of products and a new Act on the mortgage credit (Newsletter IV/2017, nr 26)

Adobe_PDF_file_icon_24x24 Nr 27. Food standards in the EU, unfair use of contractual advantage and information obligations of banks providing Swiss Franc loans (Newsletter V/2017, no 27)

Adobe_PDF_file_icon_24x24 Nr 28. Differences in prices of food in the EU and the legal nature of services provided by Uber (Newsletter VI/2017, no 28)

Adobe_PDF_file_icon_24x24 Nr 29. Draft amendment of the statute of limitations of claims, dissemination of misleading information as an agreement restricting competition (Newsletter I/2018. no 29)

Adobe_PDF_file_icon_24x24 Nr 30. Use of the reputation of another entrepreneru, taking over employees and opposition of adidas AG in the proceedings on registration of European trademark (Newsletter II/2018, no 30)